Which side of my PU3000/PU4000 should be facing the ground?

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Our PU3000/4000 line features a shiny side and a dull side. In most cases, it is preferred to have the PU (shiny) side of the fabric facing in.

For a tent floor or ground cloth, that means you want the PU side facing up, away from the ground.

When used as a tarp, you want the PU side of the fabric facing inside.

When seam sealing PU3000/PU4000 materials, you want to use Seam Grip on the PU side.

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  • What are the consequences of making a bathtub floor out of 1.1oz Silpoly PU4000, but shiny (PU) side out? Does it affect the waterproofness if the PU side is on the outside?

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