Tracking Updates for International Orders

This policy pertains to tracking updates on international orders and any known delays to international shipments. 

**6/30/2020 COVID-19 Update - We've written a USPS specific Article here:  International shipping via USPS - COVID-19 Update

** COVID-19 Update - We are noticing USPS delays in excess of 45 days, in some cases, due to COVID-19 related changes in shipping.  The USPS is maintaining a list of countries with known service disruptions.  The USPS has also started to heavily rely on sea transport to several other countries.

At this time, we highly recommend international orders be shipped via FedEx

We are unable to provide any additional information on the package beyond what is listed on the carrier's tracking page. 

In some instances, you can obtain additional information on the package status by looking up the tracking number within your country's local postal service. For example, if your shipment is headed to Germany, you can enter your tracking number HERE and get more detailed information (e.g. package held for customs delay) than what's available on the USPS website.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding. 

 We've had a few customers report packages being marked as 'Delivered' when they are being held by your local postal system awaiting payment of VAT or customs fees.   Typically, a package will be marked as delivered once it reaches the destination post office and the next business day, your postal carrier will deliver you a card stating that VAT needs to be paid at a specific location. 

If your international package was marked as delivered, and you have not received it, please contact your local postal system to see if the package is being held. 



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