Which direction is Dragon Scales printed?

By default, Dragon Scales are printed in a vertical orientation. This has the tips of the dragon scales pointing down the length of the fabric.  This is perfect for hammocks, quilts, etc. 

Dragon Scales: Vertical "Hammock" orientation. (Photo credit: Cedar Ridge Outdoors)

You can also request we rotate the print 90 degrees, in a horizontal "Tarp" orientation.  This has the points of the scales running down the width of the fabric. 

Dragon Scales: Horizontal "Tarp" orientation. (Photo Credit: Underground Quilts)


In order to get your Dragon Scales printed in "Tarp" Orientation, please leave a note on your order requesting it. 

Please note:  Your order confirmation email will include a copy of your note.  Please confirm the note is on that email.  If you can't see it, neither can we.   If the note is missing, please Contact Us immediately! 

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