How much do the tarp kits weigh when built?

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We have a range of reported finished weights on the tarp kits.  This is the average reported range by customers.  Variations occur due to different construction methods, cat cuts, reinforcement patch sizes, and seal sealing.  

UL Hex12: 11-12 ounces
UL Winter12 - 14-15 ounces
1.1 Silpoly Hex12 -  15-16 ounces
1.1 Silpoly Hex12 - 19-20 ounces

The more reported finished weights we have, the better we can dial in these numbers.  

Please leave a comment below with your finished weights.  Please be sure to include the following information: 

Body Fabric
Tarp Length (If making one outside of a kit) and Style
Cat Cut size
Reinforcement material used
Reinforcement size

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  • Winter12 with 1.1 Silpoly, left off the panel pulls, but did use silicone seam seal on the ridgeline. Total weight 16.5oz/467g.

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