What are the temperature ratings for Climashield Apex?

The ultimate temp rating of a quilt or apparel is subject to several variables, but as a rough guide, the following temperature ratings can be expected when using single-layers of Climashield® APEX insulation:

2.5 oz -    50o F
3.6 oz -    40o F
5.0 oz -    30o F
7.5 oz -    10o F
10  oz -   -5o F

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  • Any chance you know the EN ratings for this? Is 5oz comfort or limit rated to 30F?

    Thank you! Great stuff all over this site. Wonderful to find!

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  • I don't think these are EN ratings, but from personal experience, I used a 2.5oz frontcountry quilt kit, and was good down to 50deg. I was also wearing base layers and a hat with a R3.3 pad, so it was pretty close to EN ratings I suppose!

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  • How funny, I was looking at the climashield APEX on RBTR and googled temp ratings and this ended up being what came up. Thanks for the info!

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  • What about doubling up? 2 layers of 3.6 vs 1 layer of 7.5?

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