What needle/thread should I use for my project?

We recommend using a 100% polyester outdoor thread when sewing.  Needle size is determined by the thread you use.  If using thread from another source, please see the manufacturers recommendations for needle size.   For the point of the needle, we recommend using a universal point for the best results across our fabric line.

See the guide below for the thread we carry. 

Gutermann Mara 70 - Use a 90/14 needle. We recommend this thread for all but the heaviest pack fabrics and webbing.  

Gutermann Mara 50 - Use with a 100/16 needle.  We recommend this thread for heavy pack fabrics and webbing. 

Gutermann Tera 80 - Use with a 70/10 - 90/14 needle. Use for webbing, reinforcement areas, packs, tarps, sewn channels on hammocks.

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