What needle/thread should I use for my project?

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We recommend using a 100% polyester outdoor thread when sewing.  Needle size is determined by the thread you use.  If using thread from another source, please see the manufacturers recommendations for needle size.   For the point of the needle, we recommend using a universal point for the best results across our fabric line.

See the guide below for the thread we carry. 

Gutermann Mara 70 - Use a 90/14 needle. We recommend this thread for all but the heaviest pack fabrics and webbing.  

Gutermann Mara 50 - Use with a 100/16 needle.  We recommend this thread for heavy pack fabrics and webbing. 

Gutermann Tera 80 - Use with a 70/10 - 90/14 needle. Use for webbing, reinforcement areas, packs, tarps, sewn channels on hammocks.

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  • I'm not following this reply - Tera thread, being continuous filament, is stronger and more abrasion resistant for a given diameter, as best i can tell from Gutermann's site and knowledgeable folks on forums. Granted, Tera isn't widely available in as many colors (Note - outside of RBTR it _is_ available readily in at least 12shades that cover, at least for me, all outdoor gear colors)

    Why would one ever use Mara given this??

    Additionally, continuous filament is slicker, increasing the chances a home machine will perform well with a heavier thread (such as TERA40 (tex75)).

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  • Excerpt from a Gutermann staff response:

    TLDR: use TERA not mara for outdoor gear. It is offered in a range of colors as well....

    MARA: "Mara is a MicroCore, Spun Polyester thread, made in many Tex sizes and is typically used for construction and decorative stitching on apparel, leather and accessories ... buttonholes, decorative topstitching (denim) and leather accent stitching on handbags, wallets, belts, etc"

    TERA: "is a Continuous Filament polyester thread that is made in a different technique and is known for it silky, shiny surface, and strong resistance to abrasion. Tera is slightly stronger than Mara (pound for pound) in like Tex sizes and Tera is normally used for upholstery, leather stitching, outdoor fabrics (awnings, marine upholstery, umbrellas etc."

    - "For hammocks, backpacks or similar applications, the Tera 40 is my recommendation."
    - "The thinner Tera threads are great for ripstop nylon as this fabric has a tendency to pucker ... Tera 80 (Tex 35) is perfect."


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  • It would be nice if you screw up you're at least reply to your customers this email was sent to you on 06/08/20 .
    Hi Justin,

    I am in receipt of your range of ripstop material 'samples' which look great and I look forward to making them into 'sample' hammocks.

    However,I am somewhat disappointed that you failed to put on my shipment that my order were actually samples, consequently, I've been charged an extra $85 tax for getting them to me. An additional expense I wasn't expecting and which could have been avoided by your company putting 'samples' on the shipment, as requested.

    In view of the fact that I asked you to label the shipment as samples, is there any way that you could assist in the payment of this tax?



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