Tell me about your 1.7 Robic XL Hybrid

As many of you know, the majority of our high-end fabric development starts from scratch; meaning that we begin with defined goals, create specs, then weave the fabric from the yarn up. When our goal is to bring you something truly unique and game-changing, there's no other way to do it.

Fabrics are made with yarn, and most fabrics use the same size yarn throughout. But 1.7 ROBIC XL Hybrid isn't most fabrics.

One of the key things we've done with 1.7 ROBIC XL Hybrid is a very special hybrid-denier weave, where we're actually using two different size yarns to create the base fabric (40D) and the ripstop grid (120D). The bottom-line result is a much more durable, rugged end fabric for a comparably small increase in weight. In this case 1.7 osy vs the more common 1.6 osy.

I know people will have questions on stretch, feel, and other things, so I figured I'd cover those up front:

1. Stretch - Probably the lowest stretch of any nylon fabric on the market in this weight range. This is a combination of our Hybrid-denier weave and the ROBIC yarn.

2. Durability - This one is built to last. More rugged and durable than our 1.6 HyperD AND even heavier fabrics like our 1.9 oz ripstop nylon.

3. Feel - Softish with a nice hand, but certainly not the softest fabric we offer. Like the 1.0 ROBIC XL, this is by design. If you want the absolute softest, go for 1.6 HyperD.

4. Breathability - Highly breathable. Very similar to 1.6 HyperD here.

5. Weight Rating - We are completing our standard static/stretch load testing soon (see here for an explanation of what we're doing in the realm of testing), but my early estimate is > 400 lbs. We will be testing at a 1500 lb load with the goal of setting a 500 lb weight limit.

6. Sewability - Not sure if this is a word, but you get what I mean. 1.7 ROBIC XL Hybrid has a bit more "structure" and less drape than 1.6 HyperD, making it easier to hold a crease and IMO easier to sew than anything outside of maybe our 2.2 oz HEX70 XL.

Bottom line - 1.7 ROBIC XL Hybrid was designed from the ground up to be wider, stronger, and more durable than other materials in this weight class. If that sounds like you, then it's a great choice.

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  • I just finished making my first DIY hammock using the 1.7 Robic XL fabric. I couldn’t be happier with the finished project. I have a heavy duty Singer sewing machine with a walking foot on it. The walking foot made sewing this fabric as easy as it gets. I bought 5 yards so I could make a 12 foot long gathered end hammock and have some fabric left over for a double sided stuff sack and and a ridgeline organizer, based on plans from the newest edition of “The Ulitimate Hang”.
    I’ve bought numerous commercially manufactured hammocks, over the past years. But, I can honestly say I’ll never buy another one. I”m happier with the hammock I made, using materials from Ripstop by the Roll, than any other hammock I own. Next, I’m going to make an under-quilt, that actually fits me! My hat is off to Rip Stop by the Roll!

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