What material should I use for an UL tent floor / ground cloth?

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The lightest-weight fabric we recommend for ground contact is our 1.1 Silpoly PU4000.  It was designed specifically to be  used in ultralight tent floors. 

If you're looking for an option with higher durability, and can take a bit more weight, look at our 1.6 HyperD PU4000, or our 2.2 Hex70 PU3000

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  • can you compare the Robic XL to the 1.6 Hyper D and the 2.2 Hex 70 mentioned above? I'm looking to make a bathtub floor I don't need a ground sheet under and a durability comparison would be great!

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  • What are your recommendations for a Dyneema tent floor?

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  • Is the polyurethane coating in the 1.1 Silpoly PU4000 a polyether urethane or a polyester urethane?
    Likewise, which is the coating in the 1.6 HyperD PU4000?

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