Is there a right side and wrong side to coated fabrics?

This depends on the particular fabric, but if there are distinct sides, this will be noted on the product page for that fabric.

For example, our PU4000 fabrics (e.g. 1.1 oz Silpoly PU4000) have a PU coating on one side and DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish on the other. For these fabrics, it is recommended to put the DWR finish out towards the elements and the PU side inwards.

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  • How do you tell which side is which? I bought the 1.1 oz. sil nylon DWR ?

  • Hi Tom,
    On standard Silnylon / Silpoly there is no difference between the sides. On the 1.1 Silpoly XL, there is a cosmetic difference, but not a functional one. It's only on the PU3000/PU4000 and pack materials that you need to worry about which side is which.

  • Justin you said its recommended to put the DWR finish to the outside toward the eliments and the PU side inward.
    Can you tell me how do you know which side is DWR and which side is PU?

  • On the pu4000 membrane page it says "*This fabric has distinct shiny (PU4000) and matte (sil/PU) sides. It is recommended to put the matte side facing out and shiny side facing inwards. If seam sealing, we recommend using a PU sealant such as Seam-Grip on the PU4000 side of the fabric." If the matte side is out, why do you recommend sealing the seams on the shiny pu4000 side?

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