How well does ink penetrate through the printed fabrics?

To show you exactly how well ink penetrates through each OutdoorINK printed fabric/material, we created the the following gallery of side-by-side FRONT/BACK pictures

As we add additional print materials over time, we'll update this gallery with additional comparison pics.



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  • Sorry, but I don't trust the pictures to be prints on real fabric! To me it looks like photoshopped text on pictures of different fabrics... why the print doesn't transfer the '1.0 oz Noseeum Mesh' fabric? And: on other pictures You can see through the fabric the print of 'PANTONE xxxx x.xx'-text but nothing (at least a shadow of) of the 'Front' 'Back'-print..?
    I'm just wondering... was it to much work to make a real test? Normally on waterproof and intransparent fabric You don't will see anything on the other side... am I wrong?
    So, excuse my critisism... but I even don't trust Your president nor the politics of my country... ;-P ... it's all about money, isn't it? So I stay carefully what I see and what I hear and... follow my nose... ;-P
    Friendly greets from Schwiiz

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  • ... do You have smellable pics?

    Sorry... bye!

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  • Hi Rob! The “FRONT” and “BACK” text shown on each picture is simply a label added in photo software to denote which side you’re looking at. That’s why these labelsappear the same on all fabrics.

    Sorry for any confusion there and let us know if we can help with anything else!

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