OutdoorINK Printing DPI

Simply put DPI means Dots per Inch.  It works a lot like the resolution of a TV. The higher the DPI (or resolution) the better the picture.

For printing, this means the higher the DPI, the clearer and sharper the print will be. 

At a minimum, we recommend 150 DPI for printing. Many of our materials are a fine weave, so the smallest detail will be visible. 

Please see the images below for quick visuals of what you could expect with different DPI in photos.  (Photo was taken with an iPhone 8+) 



While it's difficult to see, it becomes more obvious once you zoom in. 






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  • Justin-
    I'm looking into possibly coming up with a photo of my own for a build..
    I'm not well versed in the world of photo resolution, but just reading the above, i want to confirm that in order to get a 6ft wide fabric at 12ft length (hammock/tarp sized), a photo will need to be 21,600 pixels x 10,800 pixels in order to meet the minimum 150dpi? is that correct?

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