Choosing USPS or FedEx for International Shipments


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** Important update - Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we're seeing increased shipping times via USPS. This is due to increased customs delays, and the USPS relying on sea shipping for first-class packages. At this time, we HIGHLY recommend shipping via FedEx for all international orders. Please see this post for the most up to date information:  Tracking Updates for International Orders

Trying to decide which shipping method is best for you? While we can't make that decision for you, we can show you some details below that may help. You'll want to take into consideration total cost, how fast you need your order, and tracking reliability.


Transit times

Service Details: FedEx International Economy

Ship packages economically to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico typically in 2 to 3 business days and to most other countries and territories in 2 to 5 business days


Service Details: USPS First Class/Priority

Packages over 4 pounds typically ship in 6-10 business days. Smaller packages under 4 pounds typically ship in 7-21 business days. USPS does not guarantee delivery dates or times and a small handful of customers have reported up to 30 business days.




Service Details: FedEx International Economy

Packages typically remain with FedEx from pick-up all the way through customs and final delivery. Tracking scans are fairly accurate and often.


Service Details: USPS First Class/Priority

Packages travel through USPS domestically to an export hub before being shipped out to the destination country. Once in the destination country, the package goes through customs and is then handed off to local post for final delivery. Tracking scan updates vary by country, as USPS depends on the destination country post to provide them with updates.




Service Details: FedEx International Economy

Part of FedEx's door-to-door delivery service includes expediting your package through customs and paying the duties up front for you. Depending on the order size, you may expect an additional fee when paying that final tax/duties bill as part of this service. This is sometimes known as an "advancement fee".


Service Details: USPS First Class/Priority

For smaller, lighter packages, USPS is typically going to be the cheapest option. The only other charges you should expect will be the taxes/duties once your order is ready to clear customs. How this is collected varies by country, but typically, your local post will reach out to you or put a notice in your mailbox advising a package is ready for final payment.

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