Can I use my sewing machine on your materials?

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While we cannot guarantee every sewing machine in existence will work with our materials, we have yet to find one that won't. 

Our team uses everything from late 1800's vintage treadles, modern-day $70 machines from your local big-box store, all the way up to industrial machines costing thousands of dollars.    

 While we wish there was a way to offer a cheat sheet of settings for a particular machine, unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. We've seen identical machines behave completely differently to the same material, and they end up requiring different settings once dialed in. 

Learn your specific machine. Foot pressure, thread tension, bobbin tension, feed dog height and speed are all settings that can be adjusted to help your machine handle high tech materials better.

For more information on those settings, please refer to your sewing machine instruction manual.  You can also search online for the manual for your particular machine.

We highly recommend working on samples or scraps and dialing in the settings for your particular machine before working on the main project. 

Hope that helps! As always, don't hesitate to let us know if you have other questions. Thanks :)

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