Can you explain the product ID codes for Dyneema Composite Fabrics?

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The product ID codes for Dyneema Composite Fabric represent a short-hand way of denoting material content. For example, how the relative amounts of Dyneema fiber and thickness of mylar. 

Here is an example breakdown for CT2K.18 - 1.0 oz Dyneema Composite Fabric:


Higher numbers represent increased % fiber content or mylar film thickness. Mylar film type is indicated by letter e.g. "K", "E", etc. 

For certain variants, there could be additional numbers/letters inside the product IDs to indicate things such as color, woven face fabric type, experimental lots, etc.  


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  • Can someone please help explain what is:
    * 2 vs 5 in Dyneema Fiber content?
    * K vs E in Mylar film type?

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