Using the OutdoorINK Design Tool

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You can use our Design Tool to visualize many of our patterns.  This will enable you to scale and layout the print to best suit your needs. 


The first step is to click the Custom Upload/Chose from Gallery button. 


Hit the Gallery button on the left. 
You can search for the pattern, and once you find it select the "+" for the file. 




For a breakdown of the options, please see below. 

  • Print Quality: "Fair" is 150DPI. Anything less will be "Poor" quality.  We do not recommend printing less than 150DPI. ** Note - Most of our stock patterns can be doubled in size before the artwork becomes "Fair".
  • Repeat Options:  These are limited for custom uploads, but this is how your artwork will be tiled. 
  • Color Options:  The tool does allow some global color changes. 
  • Size/Scale:  Lowering the overall size will increase the DPI, and the final print quality. Uncheck the Ratio Button to change the scaling. 
  • Print Length: The continuous length of the final print. 5 yards is the maximum continuous length of a single panel. 
  • Number of Copies: How many panels of print would you like?  Example: If you select a 5 yard print, and 2 copies, you'll receive 2x 5 yard panels. 

On the design canvas, you'll notice a pair of bars.  While neither of these bars will actually be printed they do represent areas that may not print. 

  • The Red bars indicate areas that fall outside the width of the material. 
  • The yellow bars indicate the areas that fall outside of our guaranteed print area. 

For example: The Membrane 15 Polyester Taffeta is 58" wide. The design canvas is presented at 60", and the guaranteed print area is 56" wide.





Once the design on the design canvas is laid out how you would like your final print to look, select the "I have reviewed the design" checkbox. 


Please note that a warning about print quality will pop up for any print 150 DPI or Below. You can download a PDF proof for an up-close look at the scaling of your design when printed on a piece of standard A4 paper. 

If everything looks good, select the "I have checked the proof" box, and proceed to cart. 





This is an example of the PDF proof. Please keep in mind that this is a representation of the actual printed scale of the pattern.  So if your artwork has large fields of color, this may not be particularly useful for you. 

However, for something like this camo, I can print this paper out, and know exactly how large the pattern will be on the material. 






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