Precut Tarp Reinforcements.

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We've taken some quick photos to help customers with the new laser cut tie outs. 

Please keep in mind a few things: 

    • Standard kits: Some trimming of the patches may be required.  This is due to the fact that not everyone uses the same size seams and cat cuts.  
    • Pre-Cut kits:  Trimming of the patches will be required.  The laser cut will prevent the circular portion of the patch from fraying.  The portions you trim will be concealed within hems and do not need to be heat sealed. 

If you have ANY questions, please leave a comment on this post, and we'll address it as we flesh out these instructions. 

For the corner (Ground) tie-outs: 



28417996_10215837003621796_1650921160_o.jpg28418292_10215837003741799_1436798997_o.jpg  width=28418423_10215837005021831_82310242_o.jpg28407818_10215837005461842_1461388508_o.jpg

Door Pulls. 


Panel Pulls: Awaiting photos. 

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  • Thanks for the photos. It would be great to have the option (as an add-on, etc.) for extra tie-out reinforcements. My kit did not have enough reinforcements for my design so I had to use extra reinforcement material. Ideally there would be three different drop-downs when selecting the kit 1) # of extra corner reinforcements, 2) # of extra side reinforcements 3) # of extra pull out reinforcements. You might also consider one for extra d-rings. I have no laser cutter so they will need heat sealing. It will work am looking forward to my finished tarp, but it would have been a bit easier if there was a way to purchase extra reinforcement pieces.

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